new era is you: What Working at thyssenkrupp nucera is All About

Paul Dainora - Employer Branding thyssenkrupp nucera

What is it like to work at a company that offers technologies and solutions for a successful energy transition? Shaping the new era is at the very core of what we do. And we continuously set ambitious goals to make sure we stick to our motto. But what does it mean to “shape a new era”? We asked our colleague Paul Dainora, Head of Business Development Green Hydrogen to share his impressions.

Anyone who has ever met Paul knows how passionate he is about his daily work. And he inspires others – with his professionalism and expertise but also with a pinch of humor: “It’s nice to be the pretty girl at the dance, for once” has become a catchphrase in the company. A statement that spontaneously popped into his head during our interview.


Paul has now been part of thyssenkrupp nucera for more than one and a half year. A time that he describes as very energetic and full of varied tasks. As Head of Business Development Green Hydrogen at thyssenkrupp nucera, he is aware of the responsibility which comes with his position and the impact of his team’s work. This is what drives him every day:

Paul Dainora Head of Business Development Green Hydrogen thyssenkrupp nucera

"I am excited to come to work each morning and lead a global business development team where we work with a wide range of global customers, including end users, project developers, engineering companies as well as ministries and embassies. Since the green hydrogen industry is still relatively new, we get an opportunity to shape the new era by educating all of these stakeholders.”

Paul Dainora, Head of Business Development Green Hydrogen, thyssenkrupp nucera

Social connection, support, autonomy and growth

Social connection and diverse touchpoints with external and internal parties in day-to-day work are part of our employer promise “new era is you”. Our teams are in contact with our locations worldwide – be it Italy, China, India, Japan or the United States – and collaborate in interdisciplinary teams from different cultures and professional backgrounds to drive our solutions forward. At thyssenkrupp nucera, this is an important basis of growth and success.

In addition to that, “new era is you” means enabling and promoting individual development: Supporting our colleagues’ autonomy and implementing their ideas are just as important to us as paving their career paths in a growing environment. For Paul, it’s important to be involved in the team as a manager – both, remotely and live on site – and to support new colleagues right from the start. As a Welcome Day presenter and mentor in the onboarding process, Paul likes to be close to new colleagues. This allows him to feel the motivation of those who are just starting out on their journey and share his personal passion for working at thyssenkrupp nucera.

Improving our children’s future

After all, “new era is you” is more than an employer promise – it’s rather a promise to the future: The future of our teamwork at thyssenkrup nucera, but also the future of coming generations. Once again, you can’t illustrate it more impressively than Paul: “After I started my job here, one of my former colleagues messaged me to congratulate me on my new role and also to thank me for working towards improving our children’s future. That’s a powerful message and motivator for me every day.”

Meet the team behind our vision to shape new era and learn what’s so special about it:

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We want you!

As we are committed to using our expertise in chemical engineering to create leading hydrogen technologies, we will need even more team power in the future – and new colleagues, in the fields of Engineering & Science, Construction, Supply Chain, Project Management and many more. In addition to professional qualifications and personal motivation, we actively promote a working environment in which employees can reach their full potential, as well as a culture that embraces differences and creates a sense of belonging – and you are very welcome to be part of it. Or as Paul puts it: “We want to work with you!”


Would you like to shape the new era with us?
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