Global Collaboration: Building a Stronger Team Culture Across 15,000 Kilometers

Global Collaboration matters

Mumbai, 12 Noon: The thyssenkrupp nucera team in India is enjoying lunch together, fostering a sense of camaraderie that feels almost like family. The office, located in Vikhroli—one of Asia’s most significant ports—buzzes with activity. Meanwhile, Balbir, our General Manager of HR & Admin, is in Dortmund meeting with the HR team in Germany. She is joined by Elena, a Senior Human Resources Generalist visiting from the USA, to discuss global HR collaboration and explore new HR topics. The diversity in daily tasks reflects the varied cultures and collaborative approaches across thyssenkrupp nucera’s global workforce, offering a truly multi-perspective experience.

“Team up for a new era” is a core element of thyssenkrupp nucera’s employer brand story. One of our promises, “We create, celebrate, and transform together,” embodies the spirit that permeates all global locations within the company. For this to be effective, seamless international collaboration is essential. This involves adopting an open, global mindset and fostering strong intercultural leadership, which requires engaging all employees through constant communication and establishing standardized collaboration platforms and software.

The global Business and Sales (BDS) team in green hydrogen exemplifies this approach. Jens Mathiak, Head of BDS Green Hydrogen, has structured his department with an international focus. He believes that a global company with international customers and stakeholders needs a local presence—not only to manage time zones but also to leverage local knowledge. Jens personally experienced the value of this during his tenure with thyssenkrupp in Houston. “A truly global organization has not only employees but also managers at various locations. Diverse perspectives foster excellence. This is how we create Power by Diversity,” Jens explains.

With our global business strategy, we will enhance our international teams, reinforcing our Power by Diversity initiative. This involves hybrid leadership training and cross-border recruitment plans, enabling locations to collaborate closely in filling key positions that are strategically significant and globally relevant. These joint recruitment efforts prioritize finding the right talent over geographical proximity while preserving team culture.

Building a vibrant team culture is also a top priority at thyssenkrupp nucera’s locations in India and the USA, despite the considerable distance from the headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. These teams, known for their openness, friendliness, and eagerness for change, play crucial roles in fostering a cohesive corporate culture across borders. This is achieved through well-structured digital exchanges and regular face-to-face meetings, allowing colleagues to get to know each other personally and professionally.


In February 2024, Balbir Kaur Tathgir, General Manager HR & Admin in India, and Elena Macha, Senior Human Resources Generalist from the USA, completed their HR onboarding in Dortmund alongside their German counterparts. The relaxed atmosphere during meetings, workshops, and lunch dates highlighted the value of in-person interactions. “Anyone who has already met and exchanged ideas in person establishes a different connection with their counterpart than if the meeting only takes place digitally. This leads to more commitment and empathy in future collaborations, even if they revert to being completely digital,” says Balbir. The mix of appreciation, personal connection, and focused teamwork underscores the importance of these gatherings.

Global Collaboration at thyssenkrupp nucera

The strategic blend of digital and analog meeting formats will continue to drive the future of collaboration at thyssenkrupp nucera. The Welcome Days for new joiners exemplify this approach. Previously held exclusively in-person and separately at individual locations, Welcome Days now adopt a more international focus.


“As a globally active company, we want and need to emphasize international cooperation and the key activities of different countries during onboarding,” says Victoria Babbel, People Attraction and Acquisition Expert from Germany. Together with the People Empowerment Team the Welcome Days were redesigned so that they now include both virtual and on-site components. The virtual part connects colleagues internationally, while the on-site or hybrid part addresses local specificities and topics. Additionally, international colleagues frequently come to Germany for extended induction periods, as was the case with recent onboarding sessions for Italian colleagues in Dortmund.

The hybrid concept benefits not only new joiners but also existing staff. Regular international strategy meetings, where management discusses and advances the company’s direction, are typically held virtually with global colleagues. Once a year, these meetings take place at one of thyssenkrupp nucera’s global offices to strengthen interpersonal connections.


The hybrid concept’s effectiveness is not new, but its value becomes even more evident when considering the significant time loss and high environmental impact of face-to-face meetings across various locations. This underlines the importance of strategic planning and long-term collaborative formats between locations. A core element of international teamwork, currently focused primarily between Germany and the USA, involves assignments abroad. For instance, Luca, a colleague from Germany, recently experienced the benefits of working and living in Houston. These assignments provide invaluable insights into local processes, fostering transparency and understanding that digital interactions alone cannot achieve. They also have the potential to forge new friendships across the globe.


Just as the global deployment and expansion of hydrogen as a key driver of the energy transition rely on cooperation between countries, partners, and companies, effective teamwork is also a global effort. When managed well and viewed from the right perspective, the primary benefits include a vibrant corporate culture where we can all learn from each other and contribute to limitless growth—for both the company and ourselves.



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